PN AIS Survey

Based on the proven Portable Navigator range of software and now incorporated into Portable Navigator 7, AIS Survey incorporates AIS and Navigation data recording with advanced real time display and playback for analysis of recorded data. This versatile software has been developed over a long period and incorporates the requirements of many users. Applications include:


·        AIS RADAR for ships

·        Port operations and VTS monitoring

·        Fleet management

·        Voyage recording for small ships

·        Incident analysis based on recorded AIS data


Realtime Perspective View of Shipping Pattern From Selected Vessel

In this example the navigation lights on the vessels are shown. The larger vessel automatically has two masthead lights since it is over 50 mtrs in length. The position of the port and starboard running lights are placed on the hull outline opposite the GPS antenna position, which usually implies the bridge wings.

Click to view a  Video Demo


PN AIS Survey - Features

·        AIS and NMEA Data Recording and Real Time Display

·        Multiple NMEA and AIS input channels and HS-NMEA

·        Playback of recorded data with loop back and repeat options

·        Normal Chart view (plan)

·        Perspective view (3D)

·        Multiple view Windows

·        Selectable view direction i.e. look in any direction from view point

·        Variable altitude in perspective view 3D mode

·        Selectable view point including the bridge of any AIS target vessel

·        AIS Target display with RADAR like “Lollipop” or simple ►target shape

·        Optional AIS Target hull shape display based on AIS data

·        Optional Heading Line and Range Rings from selected view point

·        Lights can  be displayed on AIS target based on the ship’s AIS Navigation Status

·        Visibility is controlled by the angle between view point and actual lamp positions

·        Optional animated lights on buoys e.g. light flash characteristics of cardinals etc. 

·        Voyage recorder mode enables other data to be included with AIS data e.g. depth 

·        Monitor Mode for fixed shore based use, e.g VTS or Coastguard Station

·        Fleet management - Highlight all vessels tagged as fleet members. E.g. Tugs, Ferries etc.

·        Separate AIS Target Data Panel to display all available AIS Data for selected vessel

·        Automatic Target Database updated with each new target’s message type 5 data.

·        The database is searched if a position report is received for instant vessel data display

·        Incident analysis and save tools while playing back recorded AIS data.

·        AIS SART personal emergency beacons decoded, recorded and displayed on the chart .


 On playback of the data it is possible to stop at any point and make measurements of clearances etc., based on actual bow and stern positions allowing for true headings and not just course over the ground. The light visibilities are controlled by the angle between the view point and the actual position of the lamp in question, together with the heading of the target vessel and the arc of visibility of the type of lamp in the International Regulations.


In addition, in the perspective view mode the vessel lights are controlled by the Navigation Status of the target vessel as follows:

0. Underway using engine                     Masthead(s) Running & Stern

1. At Anchor                                        All round  Masthead(s) Stern & Bow

2. Not under command                         Two vertical reds on fore mast

3. Restricted Manoeuvrability                Vertical red - white - red  below masthead

4. Constrained by her draught               Three Vertical Reds below masthead

5. Moored                                            All round  Masthead(s) Stern and Bow

6. Aground                                           Two vertical reds below fore masthead

7. Engaged in fishing                             White over red on foremast + Running and Stern

8. Under way sailing                             Running & Stern + Red over green on large vessels

PN AIS Survey - Dialogues and Menus

There are various options available in the AIS Tab of the Preferences dialogue to control the exact nature of the AIS display, as shown below.


Additional AIS Settings




AIS View Popup menu

In addition there is an AIS view popup menu for each AIS view which provides many view specific options for the AIS data display. This enables the user to control the annotation to the image of the vessel’s name and MMSI number, to select the old target removal algorithm and Target icon size and shape. Also users can select auto zoom for the nearest target, the follow mode (i.e. locking the view point to the selected target) and the orientation of the hull plan and heading to either True Heading or COG.


For more information see the .pdf  Data Sheet