Key differences between the versions of Portable Navigator.

Features PN Free PN Express PN Server
(Incs. Survey)
PN Logger (Reqs. HS ~  i/o)
Wi-Fi Web Server for remote display devices      
Extended Configuration Editor with Presets        
Video Output Blackboard tool and video server    
Vector Charts  
Larger vector chart size      
Additional Chart line styles      
Copy, cut, and paste chart editing tools    
Raster Charts, Chartlets and other images  
Automatic Raster Image display on proximity      
Video information Waypoints    
Multiple Chart Views   (2) (4) (4)
Survey track line layout tools    
Automatic track line Steering Waypoints    
Chart Waypoint editing with Multimedia WPs  
Animated Waypoints (Night Vision)    
Variable Vector Chart Viewing Angle
Vector Chart Head Up while navigating  
Perspective Vector Chart View    
Adjustable Viewpoint Altitude      
Selectable Perspective Viewpoint      
Chart Look Ahead Mode    
Skeletonised Playable Position Logs
Variable Format Survey Text Log including Event fixes   Fixed
Text Log values and Events can be plotted on chart    
Voyage Description Files associated with log files    
Data Trend Plot from Text Log with data zoom    
Large Data Plot window with measure tools    
Mouse wheel support  
Remarks / Screen shot Logs (uses MS Word)      
Maximum  Simultaneous AIS Targets on the screen 60 60 120  
Playable AIS Logs  
AIS RADAR Display and Target Database  
AIS SART emergency beacon decode and display  
Lights on AIS target vessels (Night vision)      
AIS Incident Analysis and Save      
AIS live Collision Potential Analysis      
Tidal Atlases and Course to Steer
Tidal atlas Auto Loading    
COM Ports Supported 1 1 4 (Nmeapro) 4 (Nmeapro)
Towed Transducer Geometry     (4)
Transducer array boom geometry for up to 4 transducers     (1 to 3)
High Speed Analogue Inputs 16bit 30 samples / sec 4-6 channels      
High Resolution Analogue Inputs 24 bit 1 sample / sec 4-6 channels      
Magnetic environment auto calibration      
Magnetic compass variation calibration
Magnetic compass deviation calibration      
NMEA sentences supported GGA,RMC GGA,RMC Any Any 
AIS sentences and AIS message support Basic Basic All + SART  
Auto pilot output sentences supported Standard Standard Any  
Chart Making Tools / Downloads