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Access to the US Government NOAA Coastline Database For free Worldwide coastline data obtained from satellite imagery. Download and use for the creation of Portable Navigator charts.

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Portable Navigator AIS Express and Free provide ALL the AIS display and logging capabilities of the full product.

The Express version of Portable Navigator AIS is designed as a low cost solution to users who want the navigation and display facilities of Portable Navigator without all the complex hydrographic data logging capabilities  provided by the full product. We have reintroduced PN Free.The Free version is a reduced capability release of PN Express to enable potential users to try it first.

From Windows 7 onwards the HASP dongle is not supported on Portable Navigator and you will have to upgrade to PN 7 and buy a software key licence. This is true for PN Survey, PN Express and AIS-Sim. To upgrade visit the ESL shop.


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